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Where to Apply for Jobs Online

Applying for a job online has never been easier, with most companies using the internet to advertise for their available positions. When applying for a job online, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of websites you can choose from. Here are some of the most popular places you can go to search and apply for jobs:

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Doctors And Nurses

Highest Paying Jobs in the US

We all want to make money. It’s relatively easy to do so if you have a job. But if you want to make LOTS of money, you need to find the right job.

When we think of the ultimate dream salaries in the United States today, automatically we think of Business Executives, Doctors, Lawyers and Entrepreneurs. And we’re right on the money, as it were. Medical careers, like surgery or anesthesiology are historically the highest paid, along with corporate executive jobs and Law. Some of the sciences, like engineering and computers, also pay pretty well. But while it’s true that these careers do have the highest salaries, they also come with many grueling years of training (and tuition payments.)

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Tips on Writing a Better Resume

Your resume is the first impression that many employers get of you. Particularly if you are applying for a job online, which more and more people are, your resume is the only thing an employer has to judge your fit for a job before any initial interviews.

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The 5 Jobs Where You’re Most Likely To Get Divorced

It is said that marriages are made in heaven, but they are broken right here on earth. The causes of attraction and repulsion in human relationships can hardly be formulated like laws of physics. Many studies have been undertaken to pinpoint why a marriage fails, but all they can say at best is that it is a combination of various factors like lack of communication, financial problems, different expectations, sexual incompatibility, career choices and many others.

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The 10 College Majors With The Lowest Unemployment Rates

Many college graduates are still struggling to find jobs in fields that are related to their major—or jobs at all in general.  The good news is, not all college graduates are experiencing this type of hardship in the job market.  In fact companies are actively seeking out college graduates in various majors.  There are even some majors that have virtually zero percent unemployment rate.  Below are ten majors that have the lowest unemployment rates and also some noteworthy runner-ups.

All median salary information is from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, which may be radically different from numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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