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25 Highest Paying Government Careers

Government jobs are usually associated with things like working reasonable hours, stability, and a wide variety of benefits, including a decent retirement package. However, government jobs are usually not one of the first categories of jobs that people associate with jobs that pay a lot of money. Many are surprised when they see a list of the highest paying government jobs.

Working for the government does not necessarily mean that a person will receive an average income. They can receive the above mentioned benefits, plus earn a salary that is on par with industries that are known for making high wages.

For individuals who have the right skill set and education, government jobs can be quite lucrative. Depending on the vocation, some government jobs allow individuals to enjoy a six figure salary. The following is a list of the 25 highest paying government salaries.  Some of these careers have a comparable salary across all levels of government (city, municipal, county, state, and federal).  You may be quite surprised by what you see on the list.  The list starts with the least (out of the list) and then increases.

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20 Jobs That Let You Travel The World

Everyone dreams of working jobs that let you travel, and they want to work jobs they love. It has been said if someone truly loves their job, then they never really work a day in their life.

Well if you love to travel and want a job you can possibly love, here are 20 jobs that fit the description.

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10 Steps to Repairing Your Credit. #7 Is Extremely Important

1. Get Your Credit Report

girl laptop credit card
The first thing you should definitely do is to get a your credit report from the three bureaus.  Federal law dictates that you are offered a free credit report once a year.  If you already know your FICO score, then a free annual credit report will suffice.  However, if you want to know your exact credit score, the free annual report will not give it to you.  However, many credit cards offer free monthly credit score and reports.

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