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20 Jobs That Let You Travel The World

Everyone dreams of working jobs that let you travel, and they want to work jobs they love. It has been said if someone truly loves their job, then they never really work a day in their life.

Well if you love to travel and want a job you can possibly love, here are 20 jobs that fit the description.

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Being an international consultant is a challenging career based on solving problems and offering critical advice. It also means frequent travel. Consults may travel daily, monthly or sporadically. Consulting is based on a city to city travel schedule as contractor to the businesses needing help.
Salary: $60,000 to $90,000

Education Or Athletic Recruiter

Recruiters are responsible for finding top, new talent in the areas of both academics and athletics. Sometimes they get lucky and find a special person who shows an aptitude for both. These recruiters usually travel weekly to high schools and colleges hunting for talent, and sometimes they travel daily. It is a very busy job.
Salary by: $37,610

Traveling Salesperson

Depending on the product, a traveling salesperson can be busy. The product determines the territory size. The most common and well paid traveling sales job, which comes to most people’s mind, is pharmaceutical sales. At times, this job will require daily travel by, but it can be a weekly travel job, especially if flying and state to state travel is required.
Salary: $54,770 to $82,974

English As a Second Language

Many foreign countries are seeking English teachers. The job is considered to be in high demand internationally, and the coolest part about teaching the language in another country is not even having to have a degree in teaching. Travel is not frequent with this job. You will go somewhere and immerse yourself.
Salary: $40,000 to $75,000

Travel Writer

Making a living by travel writing can either be a struggle or a dream job. It is not something easy to get established in as a success in, but if it happens, then the salary and the perks are amazing. A travel writer can come and go as often as they please, and they seem to have the best level of freedom out of all the traveling jobs.
Salary: $23,309-$112,193


A a job as a diplomat is full of a lot of fun facts. For one, a diplomat can mean being a nurse or an administrative assistant, but usually, a diplomat is foreign service officer. A diplomat’s travel schedule can vary from daily to monthly. The pay is decent, but the benefits are what makes this travel job so attractive.
Salary: $39,320 to $85,460

Foreign Correspondent

Depending on the media company, the locations can be city to city, state to state, international or all of the above. Knowing a second or third language would not be a bad idea either. This can also be done freelance, which would cross into the travel writing territory in a way. Often, these people will work with photojournalists. Travel is unpredictable, but it is usually daily or weekly.
Salary: $50,000 – $75,000

Au Pair

A person should only do this job if they really love traveling and are not financially motivated. It is basically a trade of services for time and a small amount of pay. The services traded usually include things like house cleaning, being a nanny or eldercare. The travel frequency all depends on how quickly a person in this line of work wants to move on and can afford to.
Salary: $12.15 per hour

International Photojournalist

International photojournalists work a lot with international reporters, and they also usually get involved with a media company. It is an exciting career, and it combines the love of traveling with the passion of photography and video. Like the journalism, it can also be freelance. Travel is frequent, and it ranges from daily to weekly.
Salary: $40,000


Archeology offer a chance to travel the world, discover history and make history at the same time. An archeologist has a supremely important and immensely fun job studying the roots of human history and culture. A career in this field can lead people on research projects and digs to some of the most remote and exciting parts of the world. It is impossible to lock down a travel frequency for this area. It could be monthly, while some archeologists spend years at the same spot.
Salary: $61,980

Construction Manager

Construction managers with a love of traveling are lucky people. They pull down a decent average salary, and some end up going into the six digit range. The travel frequency for a construction manager is usually around three or four times a year, but the number can be more less depending on the length of the project. They stay until it is completed.
Salary: $73,561


A good executive chef with experience in multiple cuisines, positive reviews and resume full of restaurants still in business can pack their knives and bags, and they can go pretty much anywhere they want. They can expand their skill sets by working new styles in a new place. They set their travel frequency.
Salary: $37,000 to $87,000

Cruise Line Captain

Being the captain of a cruise ship is not only one of the top travel lover’s dream jobs, it is also really cool to be called Captain. Captains get an amazing salary with everything covered. The only drawback is maybe too much travel. Some cruise ships captains go nearly 10 months out of the year with just port breaks.
Salary: 153,379

Event Coordinator

Event coordinators good enough to work on large events get the chance to travel a lot. They travel to meet with other coordinators of events and staff members. They start at the local level and do traveling from city to city, but with experience and a good reputation, this job can mean monthly and possibly weekly travel between states and countries.
Salary: $38,492

Executive Assistant

This job is not meant to be prestigious or steal a spotlight, but it is a good job to get into for someone with aspirations to travel and see a lot. An assistant will go wherever they are needed, and hopefully their bosses go to a lot of interesting and fun places. The travel frequency all depends on the employer and the company. It is at least a monthly guarantee.
Salary: $50,223

Flight Attendant

This is the easiest one to describe, and it is the most obvious. It has now become a field for both men and women, and it is for people of all ages as long as they are able to carry out their duties. The pay is good, most people in the field enjoy it and the travel frequency is daily.
Salary: $36,852

Field Service Engineer

This job is best described as traveling customer service. If a company needs help with repair or installation of a product for their business, then the field service engineer handles everything. The travel frequency is usually weekly, and the location all depends on the client. Some field service engineers do a lot of traveling out of state, but there are some who engage in international travel.
Salary: $66,237

International Aid Worker

At least they get paid, right? This is a difficult job, but it can be very rewarding. The travel is a reward, and there are some interesting places to go and see. Some of the places will never be seen or even thought of by the average person, and an aid worker gets to help people, and a lot of the time they are even helping children. The travel frequency varies, but it is usually whenever they are needed, which seems to be all the time now.
Salary: $30,000

Airline Pilot

Flight attendants were obvious for great travel jobs, but a lot of people forget about commercial pilots. On top of traveling nationally and internationally on daily basis for great money, being a pilot is one of those jobs some kids dream about having, and they end up making their dream come true.
Salary: $123,400 to $165,278

International Tour Guide

This is a great job for people who love to travel, especially since their job is offering up travel tips and facts to fellow lovers of globe trotting. They could end up in a village one one morning and in a busy metro area the same evening. Expect to travel within a city or from city to city every day.
Average Salary: $31,213

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