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25 of The Highest Paying Jobs of 2016

Looking for a great-paying job?  Well look no more, here is a list of the 25 best paying jobs of 2016!

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25. Information Systems Manager – When you see a group of ITs working in your office, this is their lead tech. The largest job requirement includes establishing technology regarding information into the company they are working for. They watch over the installation and maintenance in new information systems, and are responsible for any repairs or updates to the tech. Median salary for this position is $106,000/year. However, the market for this position isn’t as high as others may be, coming in at only 147 job openings.

24. Analytics Manager – Requirements for this position include a great understanding of the product and how to sell it (specific to the company you work for), analyze growth and how the market is expanding, and create solutions to maximize output. This job requires creativity, and the ability to make quick judgement about potential problems. This job is opening up, looking to fill almost 1,000 of these positions this year. The median salary runs at $106,000 yearly.

23. Design Manager – Being a Design Manager is more difficult than it may appear at first glance. It requires creativity and the ability to maximize potential when set to design key features, as well as being able to find and solve conflicts in design. This job is situational, it can range from designing a building to web design. Leading these jobs can be demanding as it may require you to reject multiple plans before finding one you are confident in. Average salary for this position is $106,500 per year, and has over 500 positions to fill.

22. Product Manager – As a Product Manager, you will be required to manage the entire line of a particular product or products, from planning activities to deciding which plan is best for said product. Other job requirements may include creating a market plan from scratch, and identifying potential partners for this product. This field is scarce, looking to gain over 7,000 product managers this year. Median salary is $107,000 per year.

21. Tax Manager – Tax Managers main goal is to provide tax services to clients. They must hire staff, and be able to complete all tasks required of a tax accountant. Prerequisites to this position may include knowledge of computerized accounting and a BA in accounting. You must also have strong leadership skills, as well as be able to manage a group of tax accountants. This year, there are over 1,400 opening for this position, and yearly salary is $110,000.

20. Data Architect – Data Architecture consists of the rules and regulations that surround what data is being collected by the company. As a Data Architect, it is your job to manage that data, and create ways to collect it. Proficiency in different data management systems is required, as well as the ability to create standards for the development standards of the different databases. There are 762 open Data Architect positions in 2016, and the salary is $113,000 per year,

19. Actuary – There are many different types of actuary, including banking, investment management, pensions, and insurance. However, the details are all similar. As an actuary, you will be require to collect data and assess risks (situational to what type of actuary you are). Consisting mostly of evaluations and risk prevention, this job requires the ability to manage statistics, and have a good grasp of mathematical skills. This position has 175 openings this year, and the yearly salary is $115,000 yearly.

18. Creative Director – Creative Directors are employed by marketing companies and advertising agencies. Creativity is the top requirement, and a background in design and copy write is normally required. The job is to plan how your company will advertise certain products. As a Creative Director, you may also be required to give advice and critique to artists or ad designers that work for you. There is a demand for almost 700 creative directors this year, and the median salary is $115,000 per year.

17. Risk Manager – Risk Managers do exactly what you would think – Analyze potential risks and figure out how to avoid them, and how bad the loss or effect would be if something occurred. To put it simply, it would be your job to find out how to stop bad things from happening. Requirements to become a Risk Manager include a degree related to the company that you wish to work for, but most of these positions are for banks or other financial industries. There is a demand for over 1,000 risk managers this year, and the yearly salary is $115,000.

16. Data Scientist – Where Data analysts simply analyze data that has already been recorded, Data scientist couple those findings with their knowledge of the business and use that information to overcome challenges that the company may face by communication with leaders in both business and tech resolution. As a data scientist, you find the data-related problem, then find out how to solve it. This position has almost 2,000 openings and pays $115,000 per year.

15. Finance Manager – As a finance manager, you will be required to keep the company’s financial standing in check. You will have to direct what the company invests in, create plans for long term financial goals, and produce reports regarding the financial standing on the company. The median pay is $115,000 per year, and there are over 2,500 openings for this position.

14. Systems Architect – Systems Architects main job is to design and create different computer programs based on internet research (namely, customer systems). In other words, it is your job as a Systems Architect to make it easy for people to access and navigate the system(s). Ease of access and flow are important, and job requirements include a background in general IT as well as the ability to enhance ease-of-access. There are almost 500 openings for this position, and the average pay is $116,920 per year.

13. Pharmacist – As a Pharmacist, you will be expected to distribute different drugs to customer as prescribed by doctors. In addition to providing the drugs, you will also be tasked with advising the customers on how/when to take the drugs, as well as the side effects, if any. A background in a type of science is required before being accepted into Pharmacy school, which is required to practice. There are over 4,500 openings for pharmacists and the median yearly salary is $118,000.

12. Applications Development Manager – Application Development Managers are tasked with overseeing and leading the development of different types of systems, including information systems and operating systems. This position also requires that you make sure all of the company’s tech is in peak working condition. Median salary for this position is $120,000 per year, and there are currently 263 openings.

11. Engagement Manager – the biggest responsibility of an Engagement Manager is to create the best business relationships possible. This position focuses on winning over new clients while simultaneously keeping existing clients interested. Job requirements include creating the best experience between businesses and taking responsibility for the revenue between business relationships. There are over 1,400 positions open for engagement managers, and the median salary is $120,000 per year.

10. Solutions Architect – Solutions Architects are tasked with making customers happy. The job requires that you listen to customer feedback and reviews, and help create solutions to all of the problems faced by those customers. All companies that provide a product must keep customers happy, and this is your job as a Solutions Architect. Other requirements include great people skills and the ability to defuse potentially intense situations. The median salary for Solutions Architects is $120,000 per year, and there are almost 3,000 openings for this position.

9. IT Manager – The role you take as an IT Manager goes beyond the work of a regular tech, you will be expected to communicate with the lower techs to effectively coordinate job duties and maintain a staff. Requirements include a background in information technology, and a type of Computer Information Systems degree is highly recommended. The average salary for this position is $120,000 per year, with over 3,100 positions to fill.

8. Integrated Circuit Designer Engineer – For the engineering mind, look into becoming an Integrated Circuit Design Manager. Electrical engineering is heavy in this field, as you will be required to lead a team of designers to create a highly functional integrated circuit. There are 165 openings for this position, and the median salary runs at $127,500 per year.

7. Software Architect – The focus of a Software Architect is to design professional grade software. You will be responsible for coding and maximizing potential for the use of your software. If you have an interest in creating programs that are user-friendly and helpful to all, look into becoming a Software Architect. Requirements include creativity, and the ability to explain your ideas in great detail. The median salary for this position is $128,250/year, and there are 655 openings.

6. Strategy Manager – It is imperative that a Strategy Manager be able to visualize the company’s goals and create methods to achieve them. After taking this position, you will be required to read details of the company’s resources and assess how they can be used to effectively get to the level that your company wants to reach. There are about 700 openings for this position that pays a yearly salary of $130,000.

5. Pharmacy Manager – Similar to a pharmacist, a Pharmacy Manager will be expected to distribute drugs and inform the patients on how to use them effectively. In addition to that, as the manager you will be required to supervise the other workers and the daily operations of the company. Average pay for a Pharmacy Manager is $130,000/year, and there are 1,766 position open.

4. Software Development Manager – As a Software Development Manager, you are tasked with leading a group of software developers to create, maintain, and improve software that has been developed to use for certain companies. Requirements for this position include great leadership capabilities, problem solving skills, and a vast technical background. Median pay for this position is $132,000 per year, with nearly 3,500 positions open.

3. Research and Development Manager – Research and Development Managers must have to ability to make the most of the product or service sold by the company. Good judgement is essential for this position. It is up to you to collect data on how to maximize potential for the company. Being able to create a strategy to reach a goal is required. Average salary for this position is $142,120, and there are 112 openings for this position.

2. Lawyer – It is the duty of a lawyer to represent clients in all types of legal proceedings. You must act as an adviser, manager, writer, and defense for your client all while remaining within the confines of the law yourself. Requirements include passing the BAR exam, and a the ability to keep a calm, clear head. There is a need for almost 1,000 lawyers this year, and the average yearly salary is $144,500

1. Physician – Compassion and care are essential to becoming a Physician. Aside from that, you must be able to diagnose and provide proper treatment for any and all types of afflictions the patient may be facing. Prescribing medication and performing tests are common. A degree from a medical school is required and can be lengthy, but the payoff and satisfaction of the position are well worth it. Median base salary for a physician runs at $180,000 per year, and there is a demand for over 2,000 positions to be filled.

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