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The 5 Jobs Where You’re Most Likely To Get Divorced

It is said that marriages are made in heaven, but they are broken right here on earth. The causes of attraction and repulsion in human relationships can hardly be formulated like laws of physics. Many studies have been undertaken to pinpoint why a marriage fails, but all they can say at best is that it is a combination of various factors like lack of communication, financial problems, different expectations, sexual incompatibility, career choices and many others.


Being such a combination of factors, it is indeed difficult to predict if pursuing a certain career would be prejudicial to the longevity of a marriage. However, a recent study “A Comparison of Law Enforcement Divorce Rates with Those of Other Occupations” (2009) published in the “Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology” in the U.S.A. claims that the rate of divorce is unusually high in case of certain professions. Among them, the following are the top five:

1. Dancers and Choreographers ( 43.05%)
2. Bartenders (38.43%)
3. Massage Therapists (38.22%)
4. Gaming Cage workers at Casinos (34.66%)
5. Extruding Machine Operators (32.74%)

The rate of divorce among dancers and choreographers is a staggering 43.05%. The working conditions for these professionals are very competitive and strenuous involving long practice hours. It is possible that this stress and strain seeps into their relationships, resulting in a high rate of divorce among them.

This is followed by bartenders. Apparently it is natural, given that they work in an extrovert environment and have a greater chance of meeting people and developing a relationship than in case of other professions. According to some divorce attorneys, in general people in hospitality industry who work irregular hours are more vulnerable to temptation on the job in the form of co-workers as well as patrons. They work in a noisy, hectic and somewhat reckless environment; shifts are irregular and usually they have to work through weekends and holidays also.

Further, they have to be very tactful in dealing with unruly or rude patrons. Similar factors come into play in case of gaming cage workers or cage cashiers (4th in the list), who count the money at casinos and other gaming establishments. Stress is high for them also because they are always under observation of supervisory and surveillance personnel.

In the third place are massage therapists. Depending on where they work, massage therapists can have quite a high-profile job. The physical and intimate nature of their job, long work hours, the stress of being patient around unreasonable patients, etc put massage therapists at a high risk of divorce.

The fifth place is taken by Extruding machine Operators. It is however surprising as this job does not involve a lot of stress and is quite different in nature from the other four.


The  above is not the complete list. Telephone operators (29.3%), Nurses and psychiatric and home health-aides (28.95%), entertainers, performers and people working in sports (28.49%) come further down the line. The general trend is thus a higher rate of divorce among helping professionals and those working in the hospitality industry.

However instead of being prejudiced towards a particular job industry, these statistics can be used to recognize the actual reasons which make professionals in these jobs more prone to divorce, and accordingly inform marital therapists, relationship counselors, family court judges etc so that they are better equipped in stemming increasing incidents of divorce.

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