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10 Jobs That Pay Six Figures Without A College Degree

1. Air Traffic Controller

air traffic controller

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Air traffic controllers have to take a multitude of tests, participate in various medical screenings prior to employment, submit to an extensive background check, and take a lot of classes to learn how to become one.  But, you do not need a college degree

Because of the importance and stress of the job, air traffic controllers get a healthy paycheck, as the average salary of an air traffic controller is $159,000 . In order to become a successful air traffic controller, you have to handle stress well, as you are responsible for maintaining the safety of literally thousands of people on a daily basis.

According to the FAA, a college degree is not required to be considered for this position. You only need to be a U.S. citizen under 31 years of age. You will also need to pass medical and security checks and other pre-employment test. You do not have to be a native English speaker, but do need to be able to speak clearly so that others can understand you over communications equipment. From those without a degree, they require a minimum of three years’ work experience in progressively responsible positions. They also expect that you are able and willing to relocate based on their staffing needs.

The average annual wage, according to this employer, is approximately $128,000, with a benefit package that can be better than those available in the private sector. These factors combined make Air Traffic Controller one of the most desirable jobs that make 6 figures.

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