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10 Jobs That Pay Six Figures Without A College Degree

5. Online marketing manager

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There is a huge demand for online marketers.  Because most online marketers have the skills necessary to work for themselves, employers are willing to pay a hefty price tag to employ them.  Unlike marketing executives of the past, online marketers do not need a college degree.  Besides, most colleges do not have a degree that specifically caters to people who want to do online marketing anyway.  This field is going to explode and it is growing at an extremely fast rate.  The median salary for an online marketing manager is $65,000, before taking into account bonuses and profit-sharing.  The top 10 percent of online marketing managers make over $95,000 in take-home pay.

Fortunately, the skills needed to be a successful marketing manager can be gained somewhere other than a college campus. The most important attribute is a creative imagination and out-of-the-box thinking. These are learned through life experience not education. Some keys to successful marketing are to connect with customers in a way that is both creative and personal and to come up with a unique strategy that hasn’t been used before.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. The key in this industry is finding a company that is a good fit and then just let your creative juices flow. That’s the key to making this position work for you. Making yourself indispensable to your employer is the best way to make online marketing manager one job that makes six figures without a degree.

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