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10 Jobs That Pay Six Figures Without A College Degree

3. Pilot


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If you love to travel and do not like the regular 9 to 5 job, being a pilot might be for you.  Although being a pilot might not require a college degree, that does not mean it is easy.  You have to take many classes and get 1,500 hours of flight training in before you can become an actual pilot.

Pilots have many options, including working for commercial airlines, cargo airlines, and corporations. The average annual salary for a pilot is $110,000, but many experienced pilots make much more than that. Like many other jobs, salary is commensurate on quality assessment, experience, and type of license.

The roads to becoming a commercial pilot tend to take the same general direction, according to the ATP Flight School, which offers training throughout the U.S. The first step is earning a private pilot’s license, focusing on the basic operation of a single-engine plane. The next step is to add both instrumentation and multi-engine training to that. Once these have been completed, the pilot needs to become certified for commercial piloting. The certified commercial pilot must then train and spend time as a flight instructor, to gain relevant experience. As stated before, this usually requires acquiring at least 1,500 hours of flight time. Once these requirements have been met, a pilot is ready to apply for a position with a commercial airline and becomes eligible for one of the 6 figure salary jobs that are available to people without college degrees.

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