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Where to Apply for Jobs Online

Applying for a job online has never been easier, with most companies using the internet to advertise for their available positions. When applying for a job online, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of websites you can choose from. Here are some of the most popular places you can go to search and apply for jobs:

Monster: Search jobs from all over the globe, connect with employers and build a professional resume using the tools from this site.

Career Builder: Has the largest online job site in the world, and also offers free advice for job seekers.

Indeed: Is another large job search engine that has a fair amount of tech jobs.

Craigslist: Worldwide search site with job postings, classifieds, and more.  You can find a lot of freelancing opportunities as well as permanent jobs.

LinkedIn: This isn’t exactly a job search engine but recruiters spend A LOT of time here hoping to find the right candidate.  However, if you plan on getting a job via LinkedIn, be sure to give your profile a makeover that is geared towards the industry you want to target.  In addition, the more active (within the industry) you are on the site, the better.  With LinkedIn, recruiters and employers are just as likely to contact you as you are to contact them—thus the more visible, the better.

Before applying for a job at a specific company, go to to get an inside look at the company culture and get insider tips.

With most job search and application websites, simply search by the type of job you are interested in, in the region of your choice. You can also search by the date the job was posted, the job category and even the salary range. Most job search sites will also have the newest and most popular job listed on their home page.

Many sites allow you to save your searches and sign up for email alerts concerning your job searches. Sites such as Monster and Career Builder offer the option of uploading a resume that employers can view and you can send to potential employers. These sites will often help you create an effective resume as well. They even offer the chance to take skill and aptitude tests to assist you in finding the right career or type of job for you. Sites such as Craigslist are more “search and click”, where the user will need to sort through numerous ads to find the jobs they are interested in. Craigslist is also worldwide, and job seekers may also post their own ad (at no charge) offering their employment availability for specific jobs. Sites like Monster and Career Builder are designed for those looking for specific jobs in specific industries, whereas Craigslist and HotJobs are more likely to list every recent job posting, which the user must sift through.

There are further places to apply for jobs online that aren’t as well known or popular, but still effective. These include job boards and industry- specific sites. Some of the sites are geared toward college graduates, while others can be effective for those reentering the work force after some time. Many of the available job search sites cater to specific demographics and types of careers as well, so it is likely there are one or more that will be perfect for your job search.

When you begin applying for online jobs, you’ll often have to complete an online application, so have your resume and cover letter handy, along with information on references and employment history. You will often have to provide this information again for each application, so it’s a good idea to keep it handy in electronic form.

Freelancing (or “independent contracting”) is the practice of being self-employed, and not entirely committed to one employer. Freelancing boards are also available online. Freelancing can be the perfect supplement to a traditional full or part time job. Freelancing can also lead to a more permanent job once you have established a professional reputation and developed working relationships with several clients. Freelance work or independent contracts can be found in many diverse employment fields, from the arts to journalism to computer programming. Some additional advice for freelancers wishing to go full time or simply to get started freelancing can be found online.

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