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10 Credit Cards for Those With Bad Credit

8. Credit One Bank Platinum Card

Like the other Credit One card, you get 1% gas reward is in line s with this card.  The APR is much less than the First Premier Bank credit card, anywhere between 17.90% to 23.90%.  The annual fee is anywhere between $35-$99.  Credit lines less than $400 with an Annual Membership Fee of $75 will not receive a minimum interest charge in the first year having the card.

Fees and Rates:

  • 17.90% to 23.90% on purchases
  • $5 or 8% on cash advances, whichever is greater
  • $35 late payment and returned payment fee


Bottom line: An average card if you want to rebuild your credit.  However, the cool thing about this card is that if you have a starting credit line of less than $400, you will not receive a minimum interest charge your first year of owning the card.

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