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10 Credit Cards for Those With Bad Credit

10. US Bank Secured Card

If you don’t mind a secured card, which requires a security deposit, then this card is an option.  This card offers one of the highest limits in the tier, up to $5,000.  After 12 months, the bank will reevaluate your credit standing and see if you are eligible to switch over to their unsecured cards.  Most cards let you switch to their unsecured card only after 18 months.

Fees and Rates:

  • 18.99% APR
  • $29 annual fee
  • $38 for late payments and $35 for returned payments
  • $10 or 4% of balance transfer, whichever is greater


Bottom line: This card is great for those who want to get an unsecured credit card quickly.  However, be mindful to pay off your full balance every month as the interest rate can be steep.

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