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10 Jobs With the Least Stress

3. University Professors

University professors have a job rated stress score of 6.94 [most stressful job is 71.59]. This job is one of the most satisfying jobs in the world to the selected people. Gaining the necessary degree and professional tenure is difficult, but the people who decide to go after this call enjoy scholar activities, research, studying and tutoring in general.

University professors teach specialized classes for graduates after the high school, where higher level of education is achieved. Next, they conduct research and write scientific papers on the topic, and run projects with students. Tutoring is among the most satisfying careers for people who join the call with love, and provide steady, safe, and prosperous environment. Annual salary is ranges from $69K – $96K, depending on engagements and level of education. Estimated growth by the 2022 is 19%, a bit above the average.

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