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10 Ways for You to Make Money Online

9) Create online courses

If you are somewhat proficient at something, you can make money online selling it.  If you are good at tennis, you can sell a tennis course.  If you have been meditating for awhile, you can sell a course on meditation.  If you know how to play the piano, you can start a website that teaches other people how to do the same.  If your friends come to you for fitness advice, that means you are good enough to make money doing that online.

If you are remotely good at anything, you can market that and start selling your talent.  When I say talent, it means anything that you are remotely good at.  If you play varsity basketball in high school, you are a good enough to turn that into a course to teach people how to play basketball.  If you have been playing the guitar since you were little and you know how to read notes, that makes you good enough to teach people how to play the guitar online.

Ideal for: This is ideal for people who have unique talents that the general population does not, but wants to have.

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