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10 Ways for You to Make Money Online

5) Start a service business

The power of the internet is that it allows us to compete with huge corporations as long as we have drive and a little bit of creativity.  Many people (some with unique talents and some without) are striking out on their own and starting service businesses that market to a local or global consumer base.  If you have drive, you can start almost any service possible.  You can start a house cleaning business, an accounting service, a catering service, a babysitting service, a tutoring service, the list goes on.  Almost any service you can think of, you can start online for $0.01.  Just for $0.01 you can start to compete with bigger services who have millions of dollars in their marketing budget to buy ads—all thanks to the power of the internet.  The internet gives us small guys power to create our own wealth because it gives us an avenue to provide something of value.

Ideal for: Starting a service business is ideal for people who do not mind dealing with customers on an ongoing basis.

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