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What Can You Do With a Degree in Business Administration?

Business administration is a branch of study that focuses on commercial functions of businesses. It has a broad coverage and encompasses the disciplines of finance, marketing, operations, information systems, and human resources. Since the degree is eclectic, a graduate of business administration has a lot of options for employment.  Here are some of the major career choices:

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What Can You Do with a Physics Degree?

Physics can be an exciting course, mainly because serves as a passport into a vast range of careers in science, education, and engineering.  Not only do physicists work on theoretical and conceptual problems that define humanity, the field provides the conceptual framework for other professions, since it focuses on the very components of physical reality.

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The Future of Education


Education is important.  Education is expensive.  While the importance of education remains steady, the cost of education continues to rise.

Cost of education can be broken down to two factors, time and money.  A typical college education requires four years of schooling to complete.  It is safe to assume that the average salary of an American worker is approximately $40,000 per year.  This means that in order for the average American to attain a four year degree, they must give up approximately $160,000 in possible wages.  Furthermore, they would be liable to pay for tuition, books, and other educational expenses. 

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