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Why You Absolutely Need Identity Theft Protection

Chances are, hackers already have your personal information. You may be very careful with your information, but you can’t control what happens to your information after you’ve given it to a third party. Do you use shop? Well hackers got into Target’s database and stole over 100 million people’s information. Do you play games or watch movies? Sony got hacked (twice) and almost as many people’s information was stolen. Do you have health insurance? Well BlueCross/BlueShield and Anthem were hacked. Heck, even personal information was stolen from the federal government less than a year ago.

And these are just the big hacks that we know about. We haven’t even talked about the hacks of smaller companies yet, and the many hacks we have not discovered. So the point is, hackers most likely have your information, they just haven’t put it to use yet.

If you haven’t discovered fraud with any of your accounts, just be glad. It’s hell. Yes most credit card companies offer fraud protection where they will reimburse you for unauthorized charges. But what happens when they apply for a credit card, a car loan, or even a mortgage under your name? What then? I know several people that have had their identity stolen in the past, and it was hell to repair. It literally took YEARS to repair. But it took so long because they didn’t know about the fraudulent activities until years later, when it became exponentially harder to reverse.

It’s not about whether or not hackers have your information or not, they most likely already do.  It’s a question of when they will use your information.

But fraud has become much easier to fight because identity protection software became so good at alerting you of fraud. Now with the various identity protection services out there, you have a chance to fight identity fraud right when it happens, and get it taken care of right away. These services will alert you right away of any fraud that happens with your information and have an insurance policy to cover expenses.

Protect Yourself and Fight Back

For identity protection, try Lifelock (affiliate link). They are offering a 30 day trial right now where you can sign up and try their services out for 30 days to see if it’s right for you. Their software detects fraud right when it happens. And once it happens, they have an Identity Restoration Advocate contact you and personally manage your case to help you restore your identity back to the way it was. Give them a try to see if they are the right fit for you.  If you like their services, it will cost less than $10 per month to protect your identity.  I think you would agree though that the cost of less than a day’s lunch is worth it to protect your identity and save you from financial ruins down the road.

Be proactive, not reactive.  Don’t wait until your identity is stolen to act.  Protect yourself before things get out of hand.

Try Lifelock out (affiliate link) for 30 days for free. *Click here* (affiliate link) to try them out.


Disclosure: This site receives compensation from companies that advertise on our site.  We do receive compensation from Lifelock for each sign up.

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