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Can You Make Money in the Stock Market?

Can you make money in the stock market? Or is it all just one big gambling scheme? The short and unequivocal answer is: yes can make money in the stock market. Otherwise, happenings at the New York Stock Exchange won’t make any difference on day-to-day economic events. You may have already learned from history that stock investment has been the more productive way to park your money compared to, for instance, bond investment. Even with a very volatile stock market or amidst a period of recession, the market continues to lure investors.

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How the Stock Market Works

Many people who have not experienced investing in the stock market may find it too complicated, that it is meant only for the smart, white-collared geeks, and corporate moguls. But the stock market works quite simply; it serves as a place where people trade stocks or shares of ownership in a desired company and where they can either win big or lose disastrously. In the US, there are two dominant stock exchanges – the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ. This article briefly notes, in a simplified way, how the stock market operates.

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