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Fundamental Analysis of Stocks: What is It and How is It Done?

You often hear news about Warren Buffett and stock analyses based on a fundamentalist’s perspective. But what really is it? How do stock market advisers determine which stocks to buy and sell? Whether you are preparing yourself to be an investor, a stock analyst, or someone who merely wants to understand how fundamental analysis works, this article provides you with the basic information that you need to know.

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Fundamental Analysis vs. Technical Analysis: Similarities and Differences

To significantly gain from investing in stocks, one has to be equipped with different strategies or approaches. The two main schools of thought any amateur investor needs to be familiar with are fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Each approach has its own advantage. But how do these differ from each other? An investor would want to know which can be the faster way to earn from the stock market. What type of analysis should be used if an investor is looking for a long-term investment? Read through this article about these two major approaches that are used in analyzing stocks and other securities to find out the answers to these questions.

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Important Financial Ratios/Metrics for Stock Investors

In the fundamental analysis school of stock investing, investors’ decisions must be based on some sound analysis that uses basic financial ratios. They use these ratios to determine the viability of gaining from purchasing or selling certain stocks. These numbers indicate financial performance, value, and profitability, among others. The main idea is to pick those that are cheaper than their intrinsic values, are performing above the rest or the market, and have huge growth prospects. They determine these by looking at a set of useful financial indicators.

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