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Do Good Looking People Make More Money?

As a society, we love to think that we have transcended judging others by their looks and beauty has absolutely nothing to do with how successful we are in the pursuits of our careers.  However, economists seem to think that our society is still as vain as ever and how well we do occupationally is still dependent on how good-looking we are.

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The Future Of Freelancing

A quick scroll through any “Economy” section of the online news or newspaper will reveal that the job market isn’t so hot at the moment. Or you could just check your wallet and find out the same thing. People live in fear of losing their jobs, or in a constant state of panic over how they will manage to stretch their paycheck once again.  This bleak outlook is compounded by the infuriating fact that many of us in this situation have hard earned college degrees, as well as mountains of unforgivable student loan debt. It’s clear why many of us are looking for alternative (and supplemental) ways to earn money.

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How to Deal with Difficult Coworkers

One of the most dreadful things you deal with on a daily basis if you work a 9 to 5 is difficult coworkers.  What is most frustrating is that you have plenty of things you would like to say to them—but you can’t—because it is a professional environment.  Well, the good news is that telling them off and letting them have a piece of your mind up isn’t the only way to deal with difficult coworkers.  Here are some additional things you can do to keep your difficult coworker at bay.

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Tips on Writing a Better Resume

Your resume is the first impression that many employers get of you. Particularly if you are applying for a job online, which more and more people are, your resume is the only thing an employer has to judge your fit for a job before any initial interviews.

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Getting Started Freelancing

One serendipitous conversation in the teachers’ room at my school got me into freelance work. Now I work as an independent contractor on a site called oDesk. For hourly jobs, I use an application that tracks the time I work, and I get paid automatically each week. For jobs with a fixed price, say 10 articles for $50, I get paid upon completion of the job. So far my experience with freelance work has been a dream. I spend 4 to 5 hours each day “at work,” and still have plenty of time to sightsee, visit with friends and relax while on the road. I can even create a “weekend” for myself anywhere in the week.

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