10 Jobs With the Least Stress

BONUS: Most Stressful Job – Firefighter


firefighter 2
On the bonus section, we present you one of the most stressful jobs, a firefighter. Firefighters have a job rated stress score of 71.59, far exceeding the other 10 on the list. Firefighters face dangerous situations and fight to prevent the loss of human life, and then saving the salvageable structure. Their job is not connected to battling the fire, but every catastrophic event that occurs: earthquakes, floods, explosions, or any kind of life-threatening situation.

Saving victims of natural disasters and emergency situations require bravery, public service spirit, and sacrifice. It’s not easy to become a firefighter – there are many physical and knowledge tests to be passed to be evaluated as a licensed firefighter. The usual annual salary for firefighters ranges around $45K, and the job growth is estimated for 9% raise until 2022, well below the average.

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