The 4 Psychological Phases of Asset Bubbles

Every investment/asset will have inherent risk that comes with it; no risk no reward.  The amount of risk will vary with each asset.  But no matter what kind of asset it is, there is always a chance of an asset bubble.  An asset bubble is the result of human emotion in play in the markets.  Investors [...]

Tips for Finding an Entry Level Job

You’re fresh out of school and now it’s time to look for a job.  You have very little or no prior work experience but many jobs require years of prior experience.  This is a common problem among college graduates.  There are a lot of jobs out there available but many of them require a plethora [...]

Where Can I Get a Degree in Big Data?

Big data (also referred to as business analytics) is all the rave nowadays and information is the new currency.  As software gets more sophisticated at aggregating data, the economy is in need of people to interpret and decipher the data aggregated. However, academia has been slow to roll out degrees that can properly prepare students [...]

Do Good Looking People Make More Money?

As a society, we love to think that we have transcended judging others by their looks and beauty has absolutely nothing to do with how successful we are in the pursuits of our careers.  However, economists seem to think that our society is still as vain as ever and how well we do occupationally is still dependent on [...]

Will Learning a Foreign Language Make You More Money?

A lot of the rationale behind learning a second language in schools is the prospect of increase job opportunity and the ability to make more money.  However, is that really true?  Will people who know second languages earn higher wages?  And if so, by how much?  There has been a few intriguing economic studies that [...]

Real Interest vs. Nominal Interest: What’s the Difference?

Start talking about money and interest rates come into the equation.  Get a mortgage, buy a house, or get an auto loan—you will hear about interest rates.  But what you may not know is that the interest rate referenced most of the time is the nominal interest rate, and not the real interest rate.  So [...]

What is the Business Cycle and How Does it Work?

The business cycle affects everyone, from the busy banker to a simple utility worker. These two words mean a lot in daily broadsheets because the effects can be tremendous enough to shake the entire stock market and bring people out of job. What actually is a business cycle and how does it work? If it [...]

What Happens When Gold Prices Drop

Although gold is no longer a standard form of currency in the vast majority of countries, it is still of extreme macroeconomic importance. The price of gold is tied to many currencies and currency pairs. Here is what happens to the major currencies when gold prices drop: US Dollar: The US Dollar and gold have [...]