What Can You Do with a Career in Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice is a program in which crime is exposed and dealt with. Although this degree is akin to the criminology program, it is different in several aspects as it is the practical application of the theories studied in criminology programs. If you have a degree in criminal justice, you might say that you will [...]

What Can You Do with a Math Degree

Math is a very useful degree, as it is a basic requisite in many technical careers. Any form of business or undertaking that is data-hungry can utilize the mathematical skills of a math major.  While some graduates of the course end up doing teaching jobs, others choose to go to work in business- and finance-related [...]

What Can You Do With an Accounting Degree?

Accounting is a popular degree among those aspiring to land a rewarding job.  Aside from the fact that it pays well, every business, big or small, requires the services of an accountant. In addition, accounting graduates can also work for private clients, government offices, or as financial analysts. This article shows some of the career [...]

The Future of Education

Education is important.  Education is expensive.  While the importance of education remains steady, the cost of education continues to rise. Cost of education can be broken down to two factors, time and money.  A typical college education requires four years of schooling to complete.  It is safe to assume that the average salary of an [...]

Ten Recession Proof Businesses

In difficult economic times, when huge businesses that were deemed too big to fail come crumbling down, there are in fact many ventures that can thrive and prosper. Many even take this opportunity to launch their businesses.  Here are ten popular industries that not only survive during recessions and bad economies, but also tend to [...]

What Can You Do With A Degree In Anthropology?

Many students take an anthropology course because they provide interesting content which meet various general education requirements and often consider choosing it as a major. While discussing the idea or their decision to do so with others, they are repeatedly asked two important questions:   What does a degree in anthropology entail? Anthropology is one of [...]

Advantages of Buying a House

In recent years the practice of home buying in our country, with all the accompanying grief and debt of subprime mortgages has given the whole “American dream” a bit of a bad name. In the past we may have been taught that buying and owning a home was an inalienable right, and a mighty good [...]

Advantages of Renting a House

Everyone has their own version of the American dream. For me, a small town girl who always dreamed of moving to the big city, renting my first apartment was always a major part of that fantasy. I didn’t even have to get to the city to experience it, however, as I rented my first place [...]