The Value of Internships: Why You Should Be an Intern

If you’re chasing the career of your dreams, you’ll want to consider doing an internship; with the right internship you can get valuable hands-on experience while you’re in college, a great resume builder and the chance to be hired on as a permanent employee once you graduate. Here we’re going to go over the value [...]

What is the Risk-Free Rate and How Can It Be Used to Guide Your Investment Decisions

In investment, there is this term called risk-free rate of return.  In a relatively stable economic environment, the risk-free rate offers the minimum return that one can yield without taking on any risk (ie, a risk-free investment).  But what is it really and how can it be used by a stock investor to make investment [...]

Why Do Recessions Happen?

We hear the word recession all the time?  But what is it and why do recessions happen?  The impact of an economic recession is utterly wide-ranging. Depending on its nature and extent, a recession’s effects can be huge or minimal, direct or indirect. In any case, a recession is something that everyone should care to know [...]

Important Financial Ratios/Metrics for Stock Investors

In the fundamental analysis school of stock investing, investors’ decisions must be based on some sound analysis that uses basic financial ratios. They use these ratios to determine the viability of gaining from purchasing or selling certain stocks. These numbers indicate financial performance, value, and profitability, among others. The main idea is to pick those [...]

Real Income vs. Nominal Income: What’s the Difference?

You may not realize but even with increasing wages, you may still feel like you are unable to get by with your day-to-day expenses. This means that your real income may be on a downhill rather than uphill. Your purchasing power is diminished even when you are holding a greater amount of currency because of [...]

Top Five Places to Learn Computer Programming Online

Computer programming is a hot skill these days. Many of today’s job sectors are reducing their workforce. However, in the tech sector, companies are having trouble filling jobs because there are not enough qualified candidates. Most of those tech jobs involve some knowledge of computer programming basics. The tech sector, according to the BLS, is [...]

What Can You Do with a Degree in Health Informatics and Information Management?

Health informatics and information management (HIIM) is a fast-growing field in the health care industry. It is a program that combines clinical knowledge with information technology, business management, law, and finance. Because of this, degree-holders can choose from a range of job domains across the healthcare industry. If you are eyeing to take this program, [...]

What Can You Do with a Degree in Informatics?

What can you do with a degree in Informatics?  Well essentially anything that is relate to data and information.  Informatics, by definition, is the application of algorithmic methods and processing power, resulting in the obtaining and manipulation of information, which then results to the birth of new knowledge. This new and emerging degree combines computing [...]