Protect Your 401k From Catastrophe With These Simple Tips

The last several years have done a number to many people’s nestegg.  Many people who relied on their 401k for their approaching retirement were no longer able to retire because their 401k lost so much value in the market due to the credit crisis.  If you want to protect your 401k from massive losses, follow these [...]

The 5 Jobs Where You’re Most Likely To Get Divorced

It is said that marriages are made in heaven, but they are broken right here on earth. The causes of attraction and repulsion in human relationships can hardly be formulated like laws of physics. Many studies have been undertaken to pinpoint why a marriage fails, but all they can say at best is that it [...]

Things to Consider When Buying a Car

There is much more to the purchase of a new car (or a used one) than simply exchanging money for goods, or signing a loan agreement. The cost of the car isn’t just what it says on the sticker. Particularly if you use your car every day or several times a week, there will be [...]

How to Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is the greatest investor of our time, bar none. He started out with $90,000 (in 2009 dollars) when he graduated college. His net worth is now at roughly $44 billion. So should he be someone you should be listening to when it comes to investing?  I would say so.  If you want to [...]

Difference Between Home Equity Loan and Home Equity Line Of Credit

A home equity loan and a home equity line of credit has many similar facets so it can be confusing sometimes.  For instance, both programs let you borrow up to 85% of the value of your home and both use your house as a collateral.  However, there are some very important differences that you need to [...]

What is a CD Account and How Does it Work?

You’ve probably heard of a CD account before but you don’t really know what it is.  A CD account, also called a certificate of deposit account, is a loan that you make to a bank for a fixed amount of time.  Certificate of Deposit accounts are known to be one of the safest investment vehicles.  In [...]

The 10 College Majors With The Lowest Unemployment Rates

Many college graduates are still struggling to find jobs in fields that are related to their major—or jobs at all in general.  The good news is, not all college graduates are experiencing this type of hardship in the job market.  In fact companies are actively seeking out college graduates in various majors.  There are even [...]

Do 80/20 Piggyback Loans Still Exist?

Since 2008, we have seen a rapid decline of available home loan programs due to the credit crisis.  No longer are banks allowed to give out mortgages with unverified income.  And the days of no-down payment loans are over.  There is a duality to this tightening of credit.  The tigthening of credit has made it [...]