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Getting Started Freelancing

One serendipitous conversation in the teachers’ room at my school got me into freelance work. Now I work as an independent contractor on a site called oDesk. For hourly jobs, I use an application that tracks the time I work, and I get paid automatically each week. For jobs with a fixed price, say 10 [...]


What is an IRA Account?

What is an IRA? An IRA account is an Individual Retirement Account. It differs from a 401(k) plan in that the money placed in an IRA is not taxed, or is taxed at a lower rate, so you hang on to more of your saved income. By investing the money (there are several investment options [...]


What To Wear To An Interview

What should you wear to a job interview?  Dressing for a job interview means putting your best foot forward, and wearing professionally appropriate clothing. The first impression is the most important one you make, particularly with a future employer. For better or worse, what your potential employer sees the first time he or she looks [...]


How To Start an Emergency Fund

Developing an emergency fund is important.  It can mean the difference between being able to feed your family or being out in the streets.  In hard times, an emergency fund is more important than ever.  However, many people struggle to develop an emergency fund.  Most people recommend having a 6-12 month emergency fund.  If you [...]


Loan Modification Contacts

These are the contacts I have gathered around the internet if you want to contact someone at your bank about a home loan modification.  I’ve tried to filter and verify all these but if the contact doesn’t work, go ahead and shoot me an e-mail at and I will try to find a better [...]