Top 10 Jobs With the Least Stress

A hair stylist has a job stress score of 5.47 [most stressful job is 71.59]. Hair stylists perform hair cutting and styling, as an employee or as a salon owner. These professionals often provide several beauty-related services to clients. Hair stylists work using the creative mind and skill and work in the stress-free environment. The [...]

10 Tech Jobs You Don’t Need A Degree For. #8 Is Surprising.

The user researcher is the person who is involved in the several stages of a project, collaborating with managers, editors, and designers. The role of user researcher is to focus on the user experience using the end product or service. User researcher has to understand the needs of the users and know how to satisfy [...]

10 Steps to Repairing Your Credit. #7 Is Extremely Important

The first thing you should definitely do is to get a your credit report from the three bureaus.  Federal law dictates that you are offered a free credit report once a year.  If you already know your FICO score, then a free annual credit report will suffice.  However, if you want to know your exact [...]

10 High Paying Jobs For People Who Hate Sitting Behind A Desk All Day

This job title says it all. It involves almost everything but sitting in front of a desk for long periods of time. Occupational therapists focus on building and improving essential life-skills for people with developmental issues or disabilities. Basically, it’s about helping others to regain independence and participation in society trough everyday activities they actually [...]

10 Jobs With the Best Work-Life Balance

Software developers or computer programmers are responsible of designing, installing and maintaining different software systems. Analytical, innovative thinking as well as a passion for computers are a must-have. On this field of work, freelancing is a very common option; and although it can be quite challenging to go on your own at first, it definitely [...]

20 Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

If TV watching is what you enjoy doing all day, this may be a job for you. Netflix has a paying job where people watch hours of movies and shows, called a tagger. A tagger is someone who watches movies and TV shows and creates tags that help to identify what category and genre they [...]

10 Credit Cards for Those With Bad Credit

As far as credit cards for bad credit goes, this credit card isn't too shabby.  The interest rate ranges anywhere from 17.90-23.90%, depending on the prime rate.  This card features a 1% gas rewards, automatic credit line increase reviews, and free online credit score tracking.  Like many of the other credit cards in the same [...]

Why You Absolutely Need Identity Theft Protection

Chances are, hackers already have your personal information. You may be very careful with your information, but you can't control what happens to your information after you've given it to a third party. Do you use shop? Well hackers got into Target's database and stole over 100 million people's information. Do you play games or [...]

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